Sunday, July 19, 2009

Night Sky Grade: C+

By Susan Yankowitz. Directed by Daniella Topol. At the Baruch College Performing Arts Cetner. (CLOSED)

The only consensus in this show's set of reviews is that Jordan Baker-- last seen in New York in Three Tall Women-- is the tops. Beyond that, reviewers detec NEXT...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Theater Review: 'Night Sky'

NEW YORK—Being trapped inside your own head, unable to let anyone know what you're really thinking is what playwright Susan Yankowitz taps into—this deep and universal fear—in her powerful drama "Night Sky."

Anna (Jordan Baker) is a respected astronomer who teaches, publishes, and is always pushing herself to the limit—so much so she sometimes neglects the needs of her family.

Said family consists of teenage daughter Jennifer (Lauren Ashley Carter) and longtime live-in opera singer boyfriend Daniel (Jim Stanek). Anna’s continual prodding is also the reason Daniel's career is finally starting to take off.