Thursday, April 23, 2009


NIGHT SKY explores what the noted author and physicist Steven Hawking has called the two remaining mysteries -- the brain and the cosmos. When she is a struck by a car, the brilliant and articulate astronomer Anna loses her ability to speak. In place of conventional speech, she expresses herself in a hodge-podge of unconnected words that are alternately poetic, funny, confusing and profound, and sometimes all four --a little-known medical condition called 'aphasia' -- resulting in a rich new language which, indeed, can communicate, but only if one listens in a manner equally new.
At the same time that it considers the varied ways through which we communicate with one another, NIGHT SKY movingly dramatizes the resilience of the human spirit in crisis, as a woman, her family, her career and life's work are put to a powerful test.

eTuesday - Fri 8pm
Saturday 3pm & 8pm
Sunday 3pm

May 20 - June 20, 2009
At Baruch College Performing Arts Center
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May 20 - May 30, Only $45! $45 & $65
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